Land Artist Bruno Doedens (1959 – Loudun, France) studied at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam, specializing in landscape architecture. In 1990, Bruno Doedens won a Prix de Rome (a Landscape Architecture prize). In 1993 he founded DS, the landscape architecture firm, together with Maike van Stiphout. The agency was renowned for winning a prestigious competition in 1995 for two parks (grass sculptures) at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, both of which have been realized. DS worked on a broad range of landscape architectural and urban design commissions. After 12 years at DS, Doedens left the office in 2005 to create more time to experiment with the boundaries of landscape architecture. From that year on, he began to do research into landscape art; to explore the possibility of enriching and deepening landscapes through other forms of art. He also gave lectures and workshops at numerous colleges and universities including the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. Together with Frits Vogels’s location-theatre, he founded SLeM – Stichting Landschapstheater en Meer. Bruno Doedens has been its artistic director since 2007. Since its creation, SLeM has been developing the genre of landscape theatre, an interdisciplinary collaboration between landscape architecture, location-theatre, film and other art disciplines, from which years later the concept of Cultural Landscape Development would follow. From 2015 onwards, Bruno Doedens has delved further into land art; the determination to make the impossible possible and continually shift perspectives is central to all his temporary landscapes.